The latest Pet Nat by Guillaume Noire, 2020 freshly bottled. A lovely coloured rosé made of Grolleau Noir. Perfect summer bubble.

Be fast as this is a limited first drop.

Éléments, GNPN01 '20

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  • Guillaume Noire is a winemaker who produces natural wines on a small 3ha estate in the Loire Valley. Éléments, a collection of natural wines born in Rablay sur Layon in Anjou, France" has an organic approach, natural and handcrafted. Observing nature, making choices, defining step by step a way among a world of possibilities. With no recipe, each millésime can only be unique. A small scale of 3ha gives a creative freedom with a significant room to instinct, exploration and experiences. With a back ground in Advertising and Paris city life, we are happy he took his creativity to the country side and started expressing it by making these beautifully well constructed wines!