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Inebriati - Iléor

Inebriati - Iléor

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Villages of Pic-Saint-Loup. Cabernet /  Merlot from the famous terroir of Pic-Saint Loup, A powerful, full bodied red with dark fruits and vanilla. Lock down relief alright.



ALC Vol% 14

  • About the Winemaker

    The two hectares of vineyards of Domaine INEBRIATI are Certified Organic since 1985 and biodynamic since 1995. Located in the villages of Pic-Saint-Loup, and Corconne Vacquières, they are planted in the middle of the scrubland. Cinsault grape varieties are found there, Carignan, Aramon Aramon rosé and white Terret Alicante. The vines enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the region, particularly hot and rather dry summers. The prevailing wind, the north wind quickly dried the dew and some summer rains. The name Inebriati comes from the Latin [inebriare], meaning “the drunkards”.Inebriati is a small domain created in 2011, Victor started leasing 2ha of vineyards from his father who runs the family domain and is looking after 3 vineyard plots, which are located around the village of Corconne, He is assisted by his friend Herve in the cellar as well as in the vineyard.and Victor has kept the ethos of caring for the land when starting to farm his own grapes. Victor now has six hectares located in the Pic Saint Loup appelation, in the northern side of the Languedoc. The grapes are hand harvested, and the wines are racked before and after winter, to obtain natural clarification. The type of soil in his plots is known as “gravette” and constitutes the most famous terroir of Pic-Saint Loup. The word “gravette” refers to the small angular stones of Jurassic limestone, which are found mixed with brown earth and come from the erosion of the plateau overlooking Corconne. Even though the domain is within this area of appellation, the wines are sold under Vin de France because they are mainly using old traditional grape varieties from the area.

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