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JFD - No 2017

JFD - No 2017

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A beatiful Gamay combined of two parcels (Croix Haty and Gamay Attitude) Chocolately richness.



  • About the Winemaker

    Jean-François Debourg's winery has existed since 1850 and has been passed down from father to son. Spanning about 20 hectares he mainly sold the grapes to other winemakers till 2016 when Francois Ecot (L'insolent Wines) started making natural wines with Jean-Francois. Since then Jean-François is not only winemaker but also a stone mason, building his own winery and storage space himself. Jean-François is a winemaker full of energy, ideas that run at 100m per hour. Manifesting this in the creation of several vintages, most of them of parcels on different soils. We love the finesse of Croix Haty (on flint, plot of 0.5 ha), Les Ranchon on clay-limestone (large plot of 3 ha), Les Prenelles (1.5 ha) for its easy, crunchy, fruity side... and the fantastic blends of plots such as the Nr. 2017 (a blend of the terroirs of Croix Haty and Gamay Attitude). Also check his Viognier, currently out of stock, but back in the house Vivian soon. 

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