Sauvignon Blanc, 25 year old vines, La Pente De Chavigny is delicious French table wine, made from young vines of Sauvignon Blanc and completed in tank. The fruit shows great ripeness rather than typically overtly green characteristics, and as well as having a sharp line of acidity the palate is pleasingly rounded. After the fruit the trademark mineral notes hit on the finish like liquid rock. Refreshing, easy drinking but with a whole lot more going on than your typical entry-level Touraine Sauvignon.

Mikaël Bouges - La Pente de Chavigny '20

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  • Mikaël Bouges works organically over 8 hectares of land split into various parcels dotted around Faverolles-sur-Cher in Touraine. From the beginning Mikaël has worked organically taught by his father who tended the vines organically as early as the 90s. He has a thoughtful approach in the vineyard and in the cellar and seeks to express the varied alluvial soil types he works with by making single varietal wine from each of the individual parcels. The changing course of the river Cher over the centuries has left a patchwork of calcareous limestone soils, much of which are speckled with quartz and silex.

    The resulting wines are profoundly mineral and represent a real sense of place. In the cellar the wines ferment spontaneously and are not filtered or fined, with a small amount of sulphur used only at bottling. We feel they are very classical in their expression; clean, bright and with incredible purity. The wines from younger vines are made in tank and are great for the table; the older vines see an extended elevage in old barrels and invite deeper contemplation.