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Mylene Bru - Monts & Merveilles

Mylene Bru - Monts & Merveilles

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CUVÉE Monts & Merveilles Magnum


One parcel of 60 year old Syrah on Lake limestone.


Hand harvested in 12 kg boxes. Very gentle destemming of the berries. Very slow vatting for about 3 weeks with the completion of alcoholic fermentation and very slow pressing in the small vertical wooden cage press with Esparto scourtins that naturally filter the juices that run off. Mixture of press and run-off.  Then aged in vats for at least 15 months, light racking to eliminate the lees. The colour is very intense, and part of the deposit is often in the bottle because the wine is not filtered.


Very dark colour with violet ink reflections. Intense aromas of very ripe black fruits with blueberry and morello cherry. When you have the patience to wait for it, you can smell the characteristic violet which transforms with ageing towards more complex notes where musk, truffle, leather, mocha and spicy mingle.

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